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Cadillac Pinch in the Shifter Boot

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A pinched boot can cause issues with the shifter micro switch.

Owners of a 2013 Cadillac SRX may report that the battery went dead or they saw a “Shift to Park” message in the instrument cluster when shutting down the engine.

The shifter boot may become pinched between the shifter housing and the shifter lever. If this happens, the transmission will mechanically be in Park and the vehicle will not move. However, the micro switch that sends the park input to the cluster may send an invalid signal, which will cause the vehicle ignition to stay in the Run state, therefore causing a battery drain condition.

Inspect the shifter boot for signs of being pinched. If this condition is found, replace the shifter boot using the part number listed in the electronic parts catalog. There are currently four different shifter boots available which are based on the option content of the vehicle and the color of the original parts.

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