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Turn, Click, Pop on Volkswagen

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Owners of 2011-2015 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles may comment about a one-time clicking or popping noise at the front of the vehicle when accelerating after a change of direction in forward or reverse. The concern is due to the relative movement of the outboard drive axle spline in the wheel bearing. 

Remove the drive axle from the affected side. Bond the outer splines of the drive axle with liquid-locking compound P/N D 000 600 A2 to the wheel bearing. Use two continuous beads on the splines. The first bead should be applied at the beginning of the spline, and the second bead should be in the center of the spline area. After applying the locking fluid to the spline, reinstall the drive axle. Upon completion of the bonding procedure, the vehicle must remain stationary for onehour to allow the bond to cure.

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