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Jaguar Shaky When Cold

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Owners of a 2013-2015 Jaguar XJ may express a concern of poor engine idle quality from a cold start when selecting forward or reverse gear. Vibrations may be felt through the seat and steering wheel when reverse gear is selected and will last for about 40-60 seconds, improving over time. The cause: engine control module (ECM) calibration is required using calibration file 211 or later. Use a JLR approved diagnostic scan tool (SDD).

Connect the JLR approved battery support unit. Connect the SDD and begin a new diagnostic session by reading the VIN and initiating the data collection sequence. Read the DTCs. Select the diagnostic session type (engines judders and shakes when cold; engine vibrates when cold; poor idle when cold). From recommendations, run Configure Existing Module – Powertrain Control Module. When all tasks are complete, exit the current selection by selecting the Session tab and then selecting the Close Session tab. Disconnect the SDD and the JLR battery support unit.

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