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E85 Fuel Issues With Chevy

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This bulletin applies to 2012-2017 Chevy Caprice PPV, 2012-2018 Captiva, 2011-2017 Equinox and 2012-2018 Impala vehicles (engines involved include 3.0, 3.6 and 2.4L). Excessive use of E85 fuel can result in reduced engine power, MIL on and DTC P228C (fuel pressure regulator control performance – low pressure) set in the ECM as current or history. Some technicians may also find a prior repair of the high-pressure fuel pump. Excessive use of E85 may cause a plunger internal to the fuel pump to stick.

Take a large fuel sample from the vehicle in a clean glass or metal container.

Inspect for any contaminants in the fuel. Place the container on a level surface for about fiveminutes in order to allow settling of the particulate contamination.

If contaminants are found, inspect the fuel tank and strainer for buildup or blockage, then completely clean the fuel system and add E-10 fuel. Advise the customer to run a tank of premium or Top Tier E-10 fuel through the system to effectively clean all fuel system components after the repair.

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