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Screen example when selecting ABS/VSA.

This bulletin applies to 2011-2015 Honda Odyssey vehicles. Multiple indicators may be on with VSA DTC 81-1 (modulator-control unit internal circuit malfunction) and/or VSA DTC 61-1 (modulator-control unit power source circuit IG low voltage).

The VSA software is sensitive to low battery voltage. Update the VSA modulator-control unit, then perform the VSA sensor neutral position memorization. Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the HDS and MVCI are updated (MVCI control module update version 3.01.50 or later; HDS software version 3.017.012 or later).

Connect a fully charged jumper battery to the vehicle and leave it connected during the entire update.

Apply the parking brake and make sure the headlamps are turned off.

Turn the ignition on and turn off all accessories.

Connect the MVCI to the vehicle.

Press the ENTER button on the MVCI to see the User Config menu. Select CM Update Mode, then press ENTER.

Select Reprogramming, then press ENTER.

The CM Update Mode software screen appears. Press ENTER to continue.

The Select System screen appears. Select ABS/VSA, the press ENTER.

For program ID and program part number, see the chart under “Software Information.”

Scroll down to Running change and press ENTER. Press ENTER again to start reprogramming.

Set the cold tire pressure according to the driver’s door jamb label while the MVCI updates the vehicle.

Once the update is complete, follow the screen prompts to turn the ignition off, then on again when indicated.

When the MVCI displays VSA Sensor Neutral Position Memorization is required after the completion of the update, scroll down and press ENTER.

Go to VSA Sensor Neutral Position Memorization Procedure.

Connect the HDS to the vehicle.

Select Honda Systems.


Select Adjustment.

Select All Sensors, then follow the screen prompts.

Once completed, exit the VSA system, turn the ignition off, then on again, then off.

Screen example during CM update mode.

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