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Chevy Express Mount Fix

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Inspect for cracks. See arrow for area of concern.

This bulletin applies to 2006-2017 Chevy Express and GMC Savana vehicles. Some customers may comment that a crack has developed on the spring mount area of the front shock absorber mounting bracket(s). A steel reinforcement plate has been developed to correct this condition. This will require the removal of the brake rotor, front spring and upper control arm.

Using a general-purpose adhesive remover, remove any protective coatings and clean the area to be prepared. Use a grinder to remove any rust scale. Inspect the cracks. Dress any crack area to ensure that the new reinforcement plate will fit flush. Place two 6mm x 16mm pan head machine screws in the speed sensor wiring harness retainer holes located on the top of the bracket.

Position the reinforcement plate and position the screw heads through the two round alignment holes. Weld the reinforcement plate to the bracket. Weld at the four slots in the plate. Also weld the outer edge of the plate, leaving a gap at the center rounded edge.

To avoid heat buildup, apply 1-inch stitch welds along the seam, with 1-inch gaps in-between, then go back and complete the weld. Also, weld the entire circumference of the inner ring in the same manner. Clean and prepare all surfaces and apply the required sealers and anti-corrosion materials to the repair. Re-assemble. The reinforcement plates are available as P/N 23208009 for the left side and 23208010 for the right side.

The new reinforcement plate will align to the two 6mm machine screw heads.

Apply welds at the plate’s four slotted holes. THEN Weld the side areas of the outer edges using 1-inch-long welds spaced 1-inch apart, leaving a gap at the front (rounded edge). Then go back and complete the welds  Next, weld the entire inner circumference of the plate’s round opening.

After welding, prepare and coat the surfaces.

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