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Fiat 500 Rear Toe

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Example of a shim kit. Shown here is a front shim (1) and rear shim (2). The front shim is larger and has a square cutout to clear the wheel speed sensor.

This bulletin applies to Fiat 500 vehicles. Rear-axle alignment shims are available in a kit containing two shims and replacement spindle mounting bolts. The front shim is used to correct an out-of-specification toe-in condition and the rear shim is used to correct an out-of-spec toe-out condition. Only one of these shims (front or rear) will be used as needed. The unused shim may be discarded.

Before ordering the axle alignment shim kit, first attempt to correct the toe-out condition by adjusting the alignment thrust angle until a zero thrust angle is achieved. If the toe angle is still out of spec, use the axle alignment shim to correct the angle. A shim will provide approximately ΒΌ degree of toe correction. Do not use more than one shim per axle side and do not stack shims.

Do not completely remove more than one spindle bolt at a time to prevent the spindle and wheel assembly from rotating or coming off of the vehicle, as brake hose damage may occur. Loosen but do not remove all four spindle bolts on the side of the axle requiring a shim. To correct a toe-in condition, insert the front shim between the axle and spindle.

The new spindle bolts feature a thread adhesive and are required to be replaced every time they are removed. Do not re-use the old bolts.

Example of left side front shim placement (1) Axle; 2) Front shim.

Example of left side rear. 1) Rear axle; 2) Rear shim.

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