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Coolant issues With Audi

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The coolant warning light may indicate a bad thermostat simply the need for a software update.

This bulletin applies to 2012-2015 A6, 2012-2016 A7, 2013-2014 A8, 2013-2015 A4, 2013-2015 Q5 and 2013-2014 A5 Audi vehicles. A coolant symbol may appear on the dash with a warning “Fault Turn Off Engine.” DTC P1B1C00 may be stored in the ECM (coolant pump mechanical malfunction).

The condition is caused by either a thermostat defect or the diagnostic software is incorrectly displaying the warning where no technical issues exist. An improved thermostat is now available as P/N 06E121111AL. You’ll also need O-ring seal 06E121119E and 06E121119C, seal 079129717D and tube 06E103213.

If the thermostat is OK, a software update is required. Update the ECM (J623) using the SVM action code

Look at freeze frame data. At an engine speed of 958 RPM, the normal load value should be 13.33%. Coolant temperature should be about 215 degrees F, and intake air temperature should be about 65 degrees F.

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