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BMW Software Error

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This bulletin applies to 2013-015 BMW 535i vehicles. 

This bulletin applies to 2013-015 BMW 535i vehicles. When accelerating under certain circumstances, engine power may be reduced and a Check Control Message (CCM) “Drive Faulty; Drive at moderate speed” is displayed.

The DME may store fault 120208 (exhaust camshaft sensor, signal: not plausible). As a result, engine power is reduced and the following faults may also be set:

Fault 120408 (charging pressure control: switch-off, pressure buildup is blocked), and Fault 120908 (charging pressure control2: switch-off, pressure buildup blocked).

The cause: DME software error. Perform diagnosis with the latest version of ISTA. Program the vehicle using the latest version of ISTA/P.

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