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No-Crank Cruze

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No-Crank Cruze

Owners of a 2011-2014 Chevy Cruze may comment about an intermittent engine no-crank. They may also comment that if they cycle the ignition OFF and then back ON, the engine may crank. This may be accompanied by a CMP (exhaust camshaft position sensor) signal.

The intake CMP sensor will not cause this intermittent no-crank condition. If the intake CMP sensor has a fault, it will set a DTC.

The condition may be caused by the ECM receiving an intermittent exhaust position CMP sensor signal as soon as the ignition is turned to the ON position. This results in the ECM not sending a crank request signal because it has determined that the engine is already running.

1. Connect a scan tool.

2. Turn the ignition ON with the engine off.

3. Perform the diagnostic system check.

4. If any DTC is set, refer to the DTC list.

5. Select Engine Data.

6. With the ignition ON and engine off, observe one of the following Active Counter parameters for incrementing:

  • CMP Active Counter
  • Exhaust Camshaft Position Active Counter

If the Active Counter parameter is incrementing, replace the exhaust CMP sensor.

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