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Kia Gets Pulley Upgrade

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Puncture the pulley dust cap and remove the cap.

This bulletin applies to 2014-2018 Kia Forte vehicles, involving replacing the alternator pulley on vehicles equipped with a 1.8L or 2.0L engine produced from February 18, 2013, through July 18, 2018.

These engines may experience an unusual engine vibration at idle that is sometimes more prevalent under certain electrical loads. To correct this concern, replace the existing alternator pulley with an improved part P/N 37320 2E010QQK or 37320 2E010FFF, depending on engine application.

Remove the alternator and secure it on a bench vise. Puncture the center of the pulley dust cover with a pick and remove the cover. Insert an alternator pulley removal tool SST kit 09373 27000 and insert a T-50 Torx bit through the SST and into the alternator shaft. Hold the pulley removal SST with a 17mm wrench and rotate the T-50 Torx clockwise to loosen and remove the pulley. Clean the shaft and insert a new pulley spacer (from the pulley kit) with the smaller end of the spacer facing inwards. The smaller end of the spacer should fit inside the opening. Install the new pulley and secure it with a new retaining nut. While holding the nut with a 60-degree angled wrench, tighten and torque to 59 ft-lb (Kia notes that a Snap-on 12-point 22-24mm deep 60-degree offset wrench P/N X0M2224 or similar tool is preferred). Reinstall the alternator.

Hold the SST pulley puller (B) with a 17mm wrench and turn the T-50 male wrench (C) clockwise to loosen.

Install a new spacer (D) with the small end facing inward onto the shaft (E).

Torque the new nut (G) to 59 ft-lb.

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