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Bad Key Fob for Subaru

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Some Impreza vehicles have fobs with bad software.

This bulletin applies to 2017 and later Subaru Impreza vehicles. There have been reports of inoperative RES (remote engine start) fobs where the blue LED does not illuminate when pressing the start button right out of the box when installing the RES accessory. The cause is a dead battery in the fob itself due to a software issue. The affected RES kits are:

H001SFL000-2017 and later with push start ignition

H001SFL100-2017 and later Impreza with turn (key) start ignition.

The repair for this concern is to order a replacement fob P/N H001SFL020 which has the updated software. In addition, RES kit H001SFL001 and H001SFL101 include the updated fobs.

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