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Shudder Pops Up for Toyota RAV4

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Install four new magnets in the locations shown here.

Some 2013-2015 Toyota RAV4 vehicles may exhibit a brief shudder intermittently while driving under light loads between about 25-50 mph. The torque converter and ECM logic has been modified to reduce the possibility of this condition.

The ECM should not be replaced for this procedure. Updating software to the latest calibration is required.

Drain the ATF from the transaxle by removing the drain plug.

Remove and replace the torque converter.

Remove the transaxle oil pan.

Remove and discard the two oil pan magnets and clean the inside of the pan by wiping with a clean cloth only. Do not use any chemicals to clean the inside of the pan.

Install four new magnets as shown in the photo here.

Reinstall the transaxle oil pan using a new gasket.

Reinstall the oil pan drain plug using a new drain plug gasket and refill the transaxle with ATF WS.

Use Techstream to update software calibration.

Note: Some parts will vary depending on factory where vehicle was built.

P/N                                   PART                   00289-ATFWS.......ATF....... 5.4 quarts

90521-78004 (2wd)......snap ring for drive shaft bearing bracket.

90521-75002 (4wd)......snap ring for drive shaft bearing bracket

90119-10461...............bolt for drive shaft bearing bracket (2)

90080-17238...........nut for front axle shaft (2)

90468-14016...........clip (1)

17451-0D150..........exhaust pipe gasket No. 1 (1)

90917-A6002 (TMMC only)....exhaust pipe gasket, No. 2 (1)

90917-06078 (Shokki/Takaoka/Tahara only)...No 2 exh pipe gasket

43425-07040.......snap ring for front driveshaft LH  (1)

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