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Leaky Internal DEF

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Leaky Internal DEF

Some 2011 Ford F-Super Duty trucks equipped with the 6.7L diesel engine and built on or before 8-3-2011 may exhibit a MIL on with DTCs P20E8 and P202D. These codes are set by a small diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) leak internal; to the reductant pump assembly.

1. Using a scan tool, check all continuous memory DTCs. Are DTCs P20E8 and P202D both present with no other DEF-related codes?

  a. No…do not continue with this bulletin. Refer to powertrain control/emissions diagnosis in the manual for normal diagnostics.

  b. Yes…replace the reductant pump assembly. Refer to workshop manual section 303-08. When replacing the reductant pump assembly, the reductant tank must be removed. Tilting the tank down to gain access may allow dirt/debris to enter the pump supply port, causing a repeat reductant pump failure. The replacement reductant pump assembly is available as P/N BC3Z-5L227-D.

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