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Shock, Bump Issue for Subaru

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This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (HV) models. 

This bulletin applies to 2015-2016 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (HV) models. A reprogramming file is available to optimize the transmission control module. These files will address isolated customer concerns of a “shock” or “bump” felt during low-speed braking during engine warm-up after a cold soak.

Reprogram the TCM using the SSM4 following the normal FlashWrite procedure. When reprogramming is complete, turn the ignition ON and wait at least 15 seconds before moving the selector out of Park to activate the newly installed TCM update.

2015 Crosstrek HEV:

PAK file name.....30919AE122.pak

New TCM P/N........30919AE122

Old TCM P/N.... 30919AE120, 121

Decryption keyword.......5A6D112E

New CID number......... C4FA4082

2016 Crosstrek HEV:

PAK file name........30919AE642.pak

New TCM P/N...... 30919AE642

Old TCM P/N........ 30919AE640, 641

Decryption keyword.... 4613654C

New CID number........ B5FA4081

Warm up or cool down until the ATF temperature displayed on the Subaru Select Monitor is 104-149 degrees F.

After stopping the vehicle, shift the select lever to the “P” range.

Fully apply the parking brake.

Raise the vehicle on a lift. The tires must be above the floor.

Connect the Subaru Select Monitor to the data link connector.

Turn the ignition switch to ON.

Turn off all switches causing an electrical load (headlights, A/C, seat heater, etc.)

Select (work support) in the transmission diagnosis display screen.

Select compulsory learning mode in the Work Support display screen.

Follow the messages displayed in the Subaru Select Monitor screen.

When AT learning normally ended is displayed, simple AT learning is complete.

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