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Jeep Liftgate Warning

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Jeep Liftgate Warning

This bulletin applies to 2007 Jeep Commander vehicles equipped with the 5.7L engine. You may observe illumination of the courtesy lamps, a chime tone and the liftgate ajar indicator message when the liftgate is not open.

This is caused by intermittent contact of the liftgate-open sensing wire closing the circuit to ground. Swapping the wires will make the intermittent contact with the body on the ground side wire, eliminating the false illumination and indicator messages.

1. Gain access to and disconnect the two-way liftgate ajar connector.

2. Turn the ignition key to the run position.

3. Measure the voltage at cavity one- or the two-way switch connector. Is the voltage above 10 volts? If yes, further diagnosis is required. If no, proceed to the next step.

4. Turn the ignition switch off.

5. Swap wires in the two-way liftgate ajar switch connector. Cavity 1 should contain the G78-liftgate ajar switch sense circuit, and cavity 2 should contain the ground circuit.

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