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Whine Heard With Toyota Highlander

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Protective tape areas if the vehicle is not equipped with a smart key system.

This bulletin applies to 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander vehicles equipped with a five-speed automatic transaxle. Some vehicles may exhibit a whine noise from the final drive gear assembly, noticeable above 35 mph.

Test drive the vehicle. While at operating temperature, listen for a whining noise from the drivetrain.

If noise is heard, confirm that the ATF is at the correct level. If the adjustment was necessary, test drive again to see if the noise has been improved.

If the noise remains, remove the center instrument cluster finish panel assembly and apply protective tape to the area shown in the accompanying illustration.

Protective tape areas if the vehicle is equipped with a smart key system.

Using a plastic pry tool, disengage the 10 claws and 8 clips starting from the upper part of the center instrument cluster finish panel assembly. Do not pull on the small storage compartment lid to avoid damage. Disconnect each connector and remove the finish panel assembly. Remove the upper console panel sub-assembly by disengaging the 4 claws and 4 clips. Disconnect the connector an remove the upper console panel sub-assembly.

Attach a 1.75-ounce tape wheel weight to location A shown in the illustration. Reassemble in reverse order. Test drive to confirm the repair.

Note the location to apply the tape-on wheel weight.

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