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Too Many Unnecessary Water Pump Replacements for Porsche

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Slight traces of dry coolant residue are not grounds for a pump replacement on Porsches.

This bulletin applies to 2005 and later Porsche Cayenne, Boxster, Panamera and 911 vehicles, regarding water pump replacement.

According to Porsche, most of the coolant pumps returned to Porsche under warranty with the damage category “leaking” were indeed found to have traces of coolant residue, but a subsequent function test has shown that almost all of the pumps were actually fully functional and were not leaking.

The presence of slight traces of coolant residue on the coolant pump housing is not an indication of pump leakage and does not require a pump replacement. If there are slight traces of coolant residue on the pump housing, but the residue is dry and there are no apparent drops, there are no technical grounds for replacing the pump. If there are significant traces of coolant residue and the residue is moist and drops of coolant have formed, then the pump needs to be replaced.

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