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Axle Issue Causes NVH for Cadillac

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An example shown here on left is 0.5 gm of grease (the pen on the right provides the visual relationship of grease size).

Some owners of 2013-2016 Cadillac XTS AWD vehicles may comment about noise, vibration or shudder on acceleration from a stop. Upon inspection, the technician may find that the right front axle shaft is not fully seated in the transfer case. The vehicle may not experience a loss of power or forward momentum when the axle shaft retaining ring is uncoupled and the splines remain engaged.

If this condition is encountered, inspect the splined area on the right half shaft and the mating splines on the intermediate drive shaft. If the splines are damaged on the intermediate shaft, the shaft must be replaced and the front-wheel drive intermediate shaft/bearing installation procedure should be followed to ensure that the bearing is installed in the correct orientation.  If the splines on the half shaft are damaged, you must replace the half shaft and install a new retaining ring P/N 90223082. If the splines are not damaged, replace the right-hand axle shaft barrel cross-section ring P/N 22727024, with round cross-section retaining ring P/N 90223082.

Remove all grease from the transfer case intermediate shaft internal splines (IDS) and axle shaft splines. Apply a total of 1 gm grease on IDS splines: 0.5 gm in two 120-degree quadrants each, 180 degrees apart. Ensure that the other two adjacent quadrants have splines free of grease. Apply grease within 15mm of leading splines edge and do not apply in the retaining ring groove. Do not exceed 1.5 gm of total grease.

Ensure that the axle is fully inserted and the retaining ring is in position. Do not re-use the original barrel-shaped retaining ring. While the axle shaft is out, inspect the splined end of the transfer case for excessive wear. Due to IDS O-ring interference fit to the axle, you will feel increasing resistive load while installing the axle shaft. After installation, let the axle sit for 30 seconds, and press in again to make sure that the axle is fully seated. The half shaft is not considered fully installed until the technician either hears or feels the snap ring lock into the groove of the transfer case intermediate shaft.

To aid installation, orient the retaining ring opening at the bottom of the shaft as the new ring will require higher force to install the axle shaft. To ensure that the shaft is fully seated after hearing/feeling the shaft lock into place, pull outward on the shaft to make sure that the ring has locked into the groove.

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