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Audis Are Making Strange Noises

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This magnified view shows the elbow piece in the crankcase breathe system. Replace both the elbow and the clip.

Strange noises may be heard from the engine compartment on various Audi vehicles equipped with a 3.0L engine. The noises may be traced to the lower area of the compressor/intake manifold. DTC P052E00 (PCV regulator valve performance) may be stored in the ECM. This applies to 2015 A4, 2015-2017 A5, 2012-2018 A6/A7, 2011-103 and 2015-2017 A8, 2013-2017 Q5, 2011-2019 Q7, 2013-2015 S4, 2012-2017 S5 and 2014-2017 SQ5 vehicles.

Fuel additives can cause the elbow piece on the crankcase breather to crack. The elbow piece on the crankcase breather can be individually replaced. The hose clips no longer open as required. If the hose clip is over-stretched, this can lead to leaks in the breather system. Replace the elbow and hose clip. The elbow is available as P/N 06E103402. The clip is P/N N10769401.

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