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Land Rover EPB Is Stuck

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This bulletin applies to 2014 Land Rover/Range Rover Sport vehicles. A “Park Brake needs Calibration” message may appear on the instrument cluster. You may be prevented from releasing the EPB (electronic parking brake) for a short period of time following the message. The following DTCs may be logged with the ABS module:

C2005-71 (right actuator – actuator stuck)

C2006-71 (left actuator – actuator stuck)

C2007-72 (right motor – actuator stuck open)

C2008-71 (left motor – actuator stuck open)

The software monitoring the EPB actuators may be corrupted. When a release commend is immediately interrupted by an apply command (during the first release commend of an ignition cycle) the warning message will appear. This may occur when the following driver operations are completed:

  • The vehicle has just been started from cold
  • The vehicle detects a Park Brake engage request as the vehicle has just been put into drive, reverse or as the EPB is disengaging. This can happen when the driver door is open or not fully latched, if the Park button on the stick shifter is pressed quickly after entering drive or reverse, or if the EPB switch on the center console is pulled as the vehicle enters drive or reverse.

Update the ABS module using the approved diagnostic tool with Pathfinder 193 installed or later. Note: this software update will not work for HEV/PHEV vehicles.

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