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Several Issues Cause Cruze Oil Pressure Problems

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Check the oil filter tabs to see if any tabs have broken off.

Some 2011-2018 Chevy Cruze vehicles may exhibit a low oil pressure light coming on or flashing on/off at idle. This condition may be caused by oil pressure being bled off due to debris in the oil drain check valve and/or a damaged engine oil filter.

Use a manual pressure gauge to check the oil pressure. If pressure is low, perform a visual check of the oil level, and the condition of the filter. If the filter condition is good, remove the filter and confirm the proper operation of the oil filter drain check valve. If the valve does not seal or is held open, repair as necessary and re-check oil pressure.

During an engine oil change, it is possible for the tabs on the filter to break off and fall into the oil filter housing. If a tab has broken off, it might be lodged under the filter housing drain check valve, causing it to remain open. This will allow the oil to drain back into the oil pan and reduce oil pressure. Also, examine the oil filter to verify the installation. If the filter pleats were damaged/smashed during installation, the drain check valve may not be able to be closed.


If a tab has broken off, it may be lodged under the oil filter housing drain check valve, causing it to remain open.


Check filter condition. A smashed/distorted filter can cause the drain check valve to remain open.

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