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Ford Fuel Fill Pipe

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Ford Fuel Fill Pipe

Some 2012 Ford Fusion vehicles may exhibit an illuminated MIL, with DTC P0456 stored in the PCM.

1. Remove the left rear wheel/tire assembly.

2. Remove the three rivets, six pin-type retainers and the left rear splash shield.

3. Plug the fuel tank filler pipe housing drain hole using a clear silicone rubber.

4. Determine the vehicle build date. If the build date is on or before 5-23-2012, proceed to Step 5. If the build date is later, proceed to Step 6.

5. Inspect for the presence of a fill pipe drain tube and install if not already equipped.

6. Install the left rear splash shield.

7. Install the left rear wheel assembly and lower the vehicle.

8. Insert and remove the SRA (supplemental refueling adapter) into the fuel tank filler pipe five times, leaving it inserted for one minute before removing.

9. Using compressed air regulated to 90 psi, apply five short bursts of air onto the capless fuel tank filler pipe door seal.

10. Clear all continuous codes from the PCM.

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