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Toyota Shift Lever Spring Issue

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Detent spring detached from the manual shift lever (oil pan removed for clarity).

This bulletin applies to 2005-2015 Toyota Tundra vehicles equipped with a 5AT (automatic transmission) or 6AT transmission, and regards transmission and/or park neutral position switch installation. 

If the manual shift lever is rotated prior to installing the park neutral switch, the detent spring may become detached from the manual shift lever. If the detent spring becomes detached from the manual shift lever, remove the spring and reinstall. Do not attempt to force the manual shift lever into its position with the detent spring installed. This may damage the spring. The detent spring must be removed when repositioning the manual shift lever.  Remove the transmission oil pan. Remove the detent spring. Reposition and install the spring on the shift lever. Reinstall the transmission oil pan. Install the park neutral position switch.


Detent spring in place on the shift lever.

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