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Wiring Issue Plagues Lincoln

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Remove the tape and convolute around the takeout to connectors and the main harness about 2 inches in each direction. Once wiring repair is complete, install new tape in the same locations.

Some 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT and MKS vehicles built on or before May 4, 2015, may exhibit an Adaptive Drive Malfunction message in the instrument cluster with possible Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) C110D and/or C110C.

Raise the vehicle and remove both front wheels. Disconnect the connector C166B on the left front strut assembly and C1669 on the right front strut assembly. Remove the tape and convolute around the take-out to both connectors and the main wiring harness, about 2 inches in each direction from the takeout. 

Inspect for wire damage to the main harness for any broken or exposed copper under the wire insulation. Isolate any chafed/corroded wiring and replace connector (main harness 14290 side only) C166B and C1669 with a new pigtail connector. Wrap the main harness wiring 2 inches in both directions from the take-out and wrap the entire wiring of the new pigtail connectors with Coroplast electrical tape or equivalent (normal electrical tape does not have the anti-abrasion properties required to protect the wiring.

Replace the original convolute and cover with standard electrical tape. For MKT make sure the connector take-out is routed behind the main wiring harness. Reinstall the front wheels. Clear any DTCs.

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