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Each retainer assembly (3) requires two bolts (1) and washers (2).

This bulletin applies to 2016-2017 Cadillac ATS-V and 2015-2017 CTS-V vehicles. If a repair is done requiring the half shaft bolts to be removed, be aware that revised bolts are now available. New longer bolts (and loc washers) are required for any repair that involves half shaft service. Three retainer assemblies are required for each half shaft. Each retainer requires two bolts and two washers to make a retainer assembly. Where applicable, each axle assembly uses three retainer assemblies per side. Replacement of all axle bolts is required during the repair.

If a half shaft has been separated from the differential, remove and discard only the half shaft bolts. If required, clean and re-use the washers. Replace the shorter bolts (50mm shank length) with new longer bolts (57.5mm) and washer. Install the loc washers onto the bolts. Install the bolt and washer assembly into the retainer. Torque to specification. Bolts and washers are available as P/N WPC#816.


Short bolt (left) compared to new longer bolt.

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