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We Need The Next Generation of Auto Technicians

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Featured in this issue is our annual “Techs Helping Techs” section.  This provides an opportunity for our reader technicians to share various service tips with all of our readers. We hope this year’s offerings will provide information that you’ll find useful.

Also featured in this issue are technical articles that should prove of interest, including a discussion of catalytic converters, written by industry icon Jake Sorenson; insight into error codes by longtime contributor Master Tech Jeff Taylor; and an article that discusses the timing chain/belt systems that I have written.

With today’s vehicles experiencing extended mileage/longer ownership, service needs naturally are increasing. This is a golden opportunity for our service industry to both help customers obtain maximum vehicle use as well as boost the bottom line of shops.

In that regard, it’s more important than ever to promote opportunities among the young workforce to consider and pursue a career in automotive service.

While many shops around the country work closely with vocational schools in that regard, to attract more technicians, we strongly urge others to do likewise. The industry faces a very real need today for an increase in people to choose our industry as a career path.

As always, if there are subjects that you would like to see covered in Auto Service Professional, we welcome your suggestions. I can be contacted at or by calling (330) 435-6347.  

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