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Jaguar Parking Brake Failure

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 The parking brake may fail to operate correctly on 2009 or later Jaguar XF vehicles. 

The parking brake warning lamps may be illuminated and the parking brake may fail to operate correctly on 2009 or later Jaguar XF vehicles. Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) C1129-39 or C1129-3A may be stored.

After completing any service work on the parking brake actuator, parking brake cables or rear brake calipers (including brake pad replacement), the parking brake must be re-calibrated.

In order to reset the electric parking brake module (EPB), switch the ignition off and disconnect the negative battery cable for 30 seconds. Then reconnect the cable. Start the engine and firmly apply and release the footbrake five times. Confirm that the message “NOT CALIBRATED” or “APPLY FOOT AND PARKing BRAKE” is displayed in the instrument cluster message center. This indicates that the parking brake is in calibration mode.

Lightly press the footbrake pedal. Apply the parking brake by using the EPB switch. Release the parking brake. Release the footbrake. Confirm that the brake warning lamp is no longer illuminated in the instrument cluster and that the “NOT CALIBRATED” message is no longer displayed. Apply and release the EPB five times to ensure that no error is present.

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