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Highlander Back Door Glitch

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This bulletin applies to some 2014-2017 Toyota Highlander/Highlander HV vehicles.

Some 2014-2017 Toyota Highlander/Highlander HV vehicles equipped with a power back door (PBD) may exhibit a condition in which the back door latch does not release and the PBD cannot be opened from any switch (IP, key, back door) with one of the following conditions: Excessive force required to operate the manual back door latch release lever; or diagnostic trouble code (DTC) B2250 present.

Before proceeding with diagnosis, check the following:

Confirm that the PBD main switch is turned on. The PBD main switch is located on the left side of the glovebox.

Set the PBD opening adjustment to position 5 (maximum opening position).

Confirm hatch alignment and adjust/repair as needed.

Operate the PBD and attempt to duplicate the condition. Confirm that the back door latch will not release and that the PBD cannot be opened manually. Also, confirm that excessive force is required to operate the manual back door latch release lever and that DTC B2250 is present.

If the above conditions exist, replace the back door lock assembly with a closer.

Perform the PBD initialization procedure (refer to service manual). Confirm normal PBD operation.

A new replacement back door lock assembly is available as P/N 69350-0E100.

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