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Clicking Sound Plagues Nissan Leaf

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During reassembly, use a new washer, lock nut and cotter pin.

This bulletin applies to 2011-2021 Nissan Leaf vehicles. Clicking noises may be heard from the axles during take-off or acceleration. Note: check wheel nut torque before continuing with further inspection or service.

To eliminate the noise, apply Molykote M77 grease (p/n 44003-7S000) to the hub bearing surfaces. Do not remove the axle from the hub or transmission to perform this service.

Remove the wheel bearing cotter pin and lock nut from the axle. Push the axle back to allow grease application. Apply a moderate coat of grease to the entire wheel hub bearing surface. Install a new washer and wheel bearing lock nut and torque to specification (89 ft-lb). Always install a new cotter pin. Note: if the nut is tightened beyond 89 ft-lb, a clicking noise can occur. If tightened less than 89 ft-lb, looseness can occur. If the center lock nut is re-used, the clicking noise could occur.


Apply a moderate amount of Molykote grease to the entire wheel hub bearing surface.

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