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Not a Leak With GM Vehicles

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Example of areas where grease may be noted.

Owners of 2009-2017 GM passenger cars and trucks may comment on seeing grease or sealant on certain locations of the steering gear. During the manufacturing process, sufficient grease is used for lubrication and sealing of components of the steering gear. Also, the sealant is added to areas of the steering gear to keep water and contaminants from getting into the steering gear.

Note that electric power steering systems do not have fluid inside of them. If oil is observed dripping off, look above or around the site for an oil leak. If the steering gear assembly clamps, boots and fasteners are all in place, the visual evidence of grease/sealant on the exterior of the steering gear is considered normal and no correction is needed.

If excess grease is noted, it should be wiped off the exterior. However, the sealant should be left in place as a contaminant barrier.

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