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Needle Bearing Causes Grind for Tacoma

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1) Replacer and handle used to press the bearing into the differential case; 2) Partial bearing installation shown here; 3) Complete the bearing press. Installation depth between surface 3A and 3B should be 1.4-1.7mm.

This bulletin applies to 2005-2016 Toyota Tacoma vehicles equipped with part-time 4WD. Vehicles may exhibit a cyclical groaning or grinding noise coming from the front differential in two-wheel drive that goes away when operated in four-wheel drive. This noise can be addressed by replacing the needle bearing on the left side of the front differential.

Remove the left-side front drive shaft assembly. Remove the left side differential oil seal using slide hammer 09520-32040-01 and oil seal puller 09308-00010. Install the steering worm bearing puller 09612-30012 in the left side of the differential carrier assembly. Remove the differential needle bearing.

Install a new needle bearing using SST 09950-70010-01 handle set and 09950-60010-01 replacer set. Install the new needle bearing with the engraved side facing outward. Installation depth should be 1.4-1.7 mm between surface 3A and 3B as shown in the accompanying photo. Replace the differential oil seal and install the snap ring to the front driveshaft. Install the driveshaft and confirm the repair.

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