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ProMaxx Tool Adds New EMR Kit to Lineup

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The 3.8L exhaust manifold repair kit from ProMaxx Tool gives technicians the ability to easily remove broken exhaust manifold bolts.

ProMaxx Tool announced the addition of Kaiden, an exhaust manifold repair (EMR) kit, to its lineup. The company says Kaiden makes it easy for technicians to remove broken exhaust manifold bolts on Dodge/Jeep V6 3.8L engines. The kit is designed for Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler Town and Country, Pacifica and any vehicle equipped with the 3.8L engine, according to ProMaxx Tool.

“Because of the popularity of vehicles with the 3.8L engine, the vast number of them on the road, and their average age, exhaust manifold repairs on these models have become problematic,” says Jeffrey Del Rossa, ProMaxx Tool president and founder. “Using Kaiden is a much more productive and cost-effective solution than removing and replacing the cylinder head to make the repair.” 

ProMaxx Tool says that, in addition to the guide plates, ProMaxx Tool’s screw-in bushings provide the best alignment with the 3.8L engine cylinder head. ProMaxx Tool says Kaiden incorporates splined, slip-nut styled, non-deforming extractors that are utilized in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. The company added that this unlocks the broken bolt remnant without pinching it in the cylinder head. 

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