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Wheel Bearing Causes Cracking Sound for Benz

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 Note grease application areas.

This bulletin applies to 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engine. A hard metallic cracking noise may be heard from the front axle area. The noise can typically be reproduced by steering to the left lock, moving off sharply, braking to a stop and/or steering to the right lock, and moving off sharply in reverse. If this maneuver reproduces a single or multiple cracking noises, the cause lies in the right wheel bearing. The cause may be micromovements of the wheel bearing in the steering knuckle.

Remove and replace the wheel bearing on the affected steering knuckle.

Clean the wheel bearing seat in the steering knuckle before installing the new bearing.

Thinly coat the wheel bearing seat with long-life grease over the width of 20-25mm on the side of the groove for the retaining ring.

Thinly coat the wheel bearing outer race with long-life grease across its entire width and press the wheel bearing into the steering knuckle.

Note that all surplus and excess long-life grease forced out must be removed.

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