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Parking Brake Problem for Volvo

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Special tool 9513014 can be used to release the EPB to override the PBM control unit.

This bulletin applies to 2008-2016 Volvo S80, 2011 and later V70, 2008-2016 XC70, and 2010 and later XC80 vehicles. The EPB (electronic parking brake) may not function properly, and it may be difficult to operate.

Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) in the PBM (parking brake module) may include intermittent faults C200577, C200677, C200671 and/or C220571. 

If the vehicle is equipped with EPB, it is required to retract the rear caliper brake pistons by a special service command in Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA) when replacing the rear brake pads. It may happen that the brake pistons do not retract at all or not retract completely, which makes it impossible to remove the rear brake pads from the caliper due to an electrical failure of a communication error between VIDA and PBM and caliper actuator; or a seized piston (probably due to excess brake pad wear) may cause the piston to have an unsuitable angle to fit the caliper housing. Note: the PBM unit may shut off the electrical current to the caliper actuators if the electrical draw is above 1A for more than 5 seconds.

If the actuator does not respond to VIDA command, then try this:

Release the EPB by using tool part number (P/N) 9513014 which overrides the PBM control unit. If the tool is not available, try to close all doors, lock the car, wait at least one minute, unlock the car and open one door and try again with VIDA activation. Repeat, if necessary.

Fault trace any DTCs, according to VIDA.

If the actuators start to retract the caliper pistons but stop before the pistons are fully retracted, try the following:

- Blow clean the caliper/actuator with high-pressure air.

- Remove the actuator from the caliper by loosening the two screws.

- Check the caliper to see if the activation shaft has been rewound. If necessary, manually screw back the activation shaft clockwise by using a suitable Torx screw drive.

- Reinstall the actuator to the caliper.

Push the piston into the caliper housing all the way once the activation shaft is fully returned. If needed, use the special tool P/N 9995782.


Example of special tool 9995782 used to push the piston into the caliper.

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