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Debris Might Jam Acura Transmission

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Check the Reverse and Neutral shift buttons for debris.


This bulletin applies to 2016-2017 Acura MDX, 2017 NSX, 2014-2017 RLX Sport Hybrid and 2015-2017 TLX vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.

If you have multiple indicators that are on or the transmission won’t go into gear and the malfunction lamp is on with A/T diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P26C3 (internal control module transmission range sensor performance), there may be debris in the Reverse or Neutral shift buttons of the shift-by-wire (SBW) shifter assembly that’s causing them to stick.

Typical debris includes particles in the Reverse shift button or sticky residue in the Neutral shift button from something that spilled. 

With the engine off, check for debris in either shift button. If particles are present, in the Reverse shift button, pull it back and remove debris with a vacuum or pair of tweezers. If you find sticky residue in the Neutral shift button, remove residue with a clean cloth dampened with fresh water. Avoid using liquids, chemicals or pressurized air, as button damage may occur. Clear the DTC, start the engine, and with the parking brake set and the brake pedal pressed, work the Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive shift buttons one at a time, waiting 15 seconds between each gear change. Repeat this three more times and wait 2 minutes before shutting off the engine. If the DTC resets or the transmission does not shift normally, replace the SBW shifter assembly.

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