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Fiat Shift Indicator Issue

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Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) display: If the shift indicator does not display, update the software.

This bulletin applies to 2013 Fiat 500 vehicles built on or before February 7, 2013, equipped with a 1.4L i4 16V Multiair Turbo engine, five-speed manual transmission and Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).

The customer may notice when trying to select the gear shift indicator “GSI Shift Up” in the personal setting, the shift indicator does not display in the EVIC. 

Using a scan tool (wiTECH) verify that no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are set. If DTCs are present, record and repair as needed before proceeding. Update the software in the instrument cluster with software level at release 14.02 or higher. Clear any DTCs that are set as a result of reprogramming. 

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