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Noise Throws Off Cadillac Diagnosis

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Mark the area of the transmission tunnel to be sprayed.

This bulletin applies to 2015-2019 Cadillac Escalade vehicles. The Service Stabilitrak message may be displayed on the driver information center, accompanied by diagnostic trouble code (DTC) C0196-5A set in the electronic brake control module (EBCM). 

C0196-5A is related to Yaw sensor plausibility. Stone impacts to the underside of the transmission tunnel below the SDM may cause the YAW/Lat sensor located in the SDM to send signal spikes related to the frequencies of the sheet metal in the 12-14 kHz range.

If the YAW/Lat signals don’t line up with vehicle speed and steering angle sensor data, the EBCM will set the DTC. Sometimes the SDM will set C0196-00 (invalid yaw rate data fault) if the stone hits cross the internal sensor fault threshold, in turn causing the EBCM to set a C0452-71 code.

Raise and support the vehicle.

Locate the area above the transmission.

Clean the area with wax and grease remover and make sure the area is dry.

Mark the transmission tunnel as shown in the photo.

Wrap and tape off the transmission, propeller shaft, cables, wiring, exhaust, etc., to protect from overspray.

Apply a minimum of three heavy coats of vibration deadening material (P/N 805HD ... obtain from Lord Fusor to the marked tunnel area. Remove any unwanted overspray.


Mask off the transmission, cables, etc.


Apply a minimum of 3 heavy coats of sound deadener.

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