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Front Suspension Issue for Jeep

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1) control arm; 2) bushing slots.

Owners of 2011-2014 Jeep Compass/Patriot or 2011-2012 Caliber vehicles built on or after Jan. 24, 2010, and on or before Feb. 28, 2014, may describe a creak or squeak noise from the front suspension. The noise is typically heard during cold temperatures below 40 degrees F. The fix involves applying Nye lubricant to the front lower control arm rear bushings.

Lift the vehicle and remove the lower control arms. Clamp each arm in a vise with the bushing accessible. Using an appropriate tool, insert the tool through the bushing sleeve, then rotate the bushing to expose the sides of the bushing for lube application. Apply Nye lube liberally to the bushing sides where internal bushing contact is made. Move the bushing through a range of motion in order to distribute the lube. Make sure that the lube is evenly distributed within the bushing slots. Reinstall both control arms and road test.


With an arm secured in a vise, apply Nye lube while prying with a tool through the bushing eye to expose the bushing. 1) lower arm; 2) vise; 3) pry tool; 4) bushing side surface.


Move the bushing through a range of motion to distribute the lube.


Inspect the make sure the lube is evenly distributed.

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