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Toyota Air Suspension Throws Off Balance

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Take height measurement at the rear, at the point where the bumper meets the body.

Some 2013-2016 Toyota Sequoia vehicles equipped with air suspension may exhibit a lean condition toward the left side. The lean condition is most noticeable when the vehicle is parked.

Make sure the fuel tank is full. Place the vehicle on an alignment rack with all four wheels at the same level with specified inflation tire pressure. Start the engine and cycle the suspension height low to high, then high to neutral. Allow the vehicle to sit at each height selection for 10 seconds. Measure vehicle ride height at the rear, at the point where the body meets the bumper (check this at the left rear and right rear). 

Compare the height difference of left and rear measurements. If the difference is less than 10mm, no action is needed. If between 10 and 15mm, or greater than 15mm, replace the left side front coil.

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