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Porsche Dual Mass Flywheel Vibrates

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Slight traces of grease (ring of grease) in the clutch bell-housing is normal. Excess grease leakage is cause for DMF replacement.

This bulletin involves checking the DMF (dual mass flywheel) on Porsche Panamera, Carrera 911, Boxster and Cayman vehicles. As you increase engine speed evenly from idle speed, do vibrations get stronger as engine speed increases? If so, remove the DMF and inspect. Look for visual signs of grease leaking out (ring of grease close to the DMF in the clutch bell-housing). Slight traces of grease are considered normal, but massive grease leakage requires DMF replacement. 

Check for missing balance weight. If a weight is missing, replace the DMF. Check for sealing diaphragm damage. Check for flange movement. The flange must turn torsionally but must not turn back automatically. The possible turning angle (clearance angle) is approximately 6-8 degrees. The flange must move radially/axially. If so, the DMF is not defective and should not be replaced.


Look for signs of missing balance weight(s). If weight is missing, replace the DMF.


Inspect for sealing diaphragm damage.


The flange should move radially.

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