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GMC Fan Creates Noise Issue

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An example of witness scrapes caused by fam contacting the shroud.

This bulletin applies to 2008-2010 GMC Acadia vehicles. A clicking/chirping noise may be heard coming from the electric engine cooling fan area. The engine cooling fan shroud around either of the electric fans may be out of round, creating fan contact. Inspect by commanding the fans on with a scan tool. Determine if one or both fans are creating the noise. 

Remove the cooling fan and shroud assembly and place on a workbench.  The shroud will most likely be warped at the 12 o’clock position. Remove one or both fans as needed for access and inspect the witness marks where the fan(s) hit the shroud. Inspect both the top and bottom areas of the shroud for witness marks. 

Using a suitable grinding tool, carefully remove the excess material until the area is smooth and all fan contact has been eliminated. Reassemble and reinstall.

Carefully remove excess material from the shroud using a grinding tool.

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