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Shudder Hinders Equinox on Acceleration

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Inspect to see if washers are present between the bushings and cradle.

This bulletin applies to 2010 Chevrolet Equinox vehicles. Some customers may note a shudder during moderate to heavy acceleration.

This may include intermittent lateral shudder at 25 mph or less, a vertical shudder that worsens when going up a grade. Lateral wobble (low frequency/high amplitude shudder, only on V6 all-wheel and four-wheel drive) may occur around 40-plus mph. If this involves the left-front half shaft, the concern will worsen when turning left. If the right-side half shaft, it will worsen when turning right.

This condition may be caused by the standing height of the AWD configurations, which might be too high, increasing the axle joint angles beyond their optimum operating range. The shudder may vary based on the relative phasing of the left and right half-shaft joints.

After verifying the conditions, raise and support the vehicle. Inspect to see if the bushings have the washers installed between the top of the bushings and the cradle. If the washers are not present, install the washers. If the condition remains, replace the front springs. If adding washers and spring replacement still does not fix the condition, replace the half shafts.

Front springs (four-cylinder, all-wheel drive only).......20827083

Front springs (six-cylinder, all-wheel drive only).......20827104

Bushing washers................................ 11609719

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