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Kia Has an EVAP Leak

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The CCV is a separate part and is serviceable.

This bulletin applies to some 2012-2017 Kia Rio vehicles built from June 21, 2011, through March 28, 2016. The engine warning lamp may be accompanied by DTC P0455 and P0456 for an EVAP leak due to the canister close valve (CCV) stuck open.

Replace the canister close valve. The CCV is a separate part from the fuel tank air filter assembly. An improved rubber seal material and port color change has been adopted in the new replacement CCV (the old CCV has a black port and the new CCV has a tan port). The new CCV is available as P/N 31453 3K600FFF.

KIA Rio TSB 02.jpg

Examples of old CCV (left) and the new upgraded CCV. The new CCV features tan ports.


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