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Setting Rear Wheel Speed Reluctor

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Setting Rear Wheel Speed Reluctor

This bulletin applies to 2006-2011 Cadillac DTS models. The technician may comment that the tool J44253 (to install the rear wheel speed sensor reluctor on 2006-2011 Professional DTS with J55) may not correctly set the depth of the reluctor on the spindle.

If the wheel speed sensor and/or reluctor ring is being replaced because of a C0045 or a C0050 code, be advised that engineering has determined that the tool J44253 is insufficient in setting the depth correctly on the rear spindle. This tool is in the process of being redesigned. In the interim, an alternate method has been developed.

1. Thoroughly clean any locking compound residue and debris from the inner surface of the wheel speed sensor reluctor ring with denatured alcohol or equivalent and allow drying.

2. Apply Loctite GM P/N 12345493 or equivalent to the threaded portion of the wheel speed sensor reluctor.

3. Re-install the wave washer on the spindle and then thread the reluctor onto the spindle assembly.

4. Insert the ring of the J44253 into the hub assembly.

5. Turn the J44253 until the proper depth of 4.30 mm to 4.6 mm is achieved between the edge of J44253 ring and the reluctor as shown in the illustration.

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