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Silencing a Squeaky Mazda3

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The diagram highlights the 1) Inner joint boot set; 2) dust cover; and 3) oil seal.

This bulletin applies to 2012-2013 Mazda3, SKYACTIV A/T only.

Some vehicles may exhibit a squeak noise from the right front driveshaft at the automatic transaxle. The concern is likely to occur at speeds between 37-50 mph with the transmission at normal operating temperature. The noise is caused by stick-slip between the oil seal at the transaxle and the driveshaft dust cover. To correct the issue, the thickness of the dust cover has been increased. Note that when installing the dust cover on the inner joint shaft, if the dust cover is not perfectly installed and true, any runout of the dust cap may create a noise concern.

The thicker dust cover is available as P/N FTH1-25-722.

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