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Honda Ridgeline Needs an Alternator Adjustment

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HONDA Ridgeline TSB 02.jpg

Torque the B+ sensing screw to 1.5 ft-lb (2 Nm).

This bulletin applies to 2017 Honda Ridgeline vehicles. The customer may experience flickering interior/exterior lights, multiple indicators on, jerky steering and/or other voltage-related fluctuations. The likely cause: The B+ sensing screw on the alternator is not torqued properly.

HONDA Ridgeline TSB 01.jpgHonda Ridgeline rear alternator cover. 


Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable with the battery sensor from the battery. You may need to remove the No. 4 spark plug ignition coil for access. Disconnect the alternator connector. Remove the rear alternator cover (remove the three mounting nuts) and torque the B+ sensing screw to 1.5 ft-lb (2 Nm). Install the rear cover to 3.3 ft-lb (4 Nm).

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