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Lincoln May Have Wire Chafing

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Attach a new clip to the wiring harness at the lower boss retention point.

Some 2017 Lincoln Continental vehicles equipped with a 2.7L or 3.0L engine with AWD and built on or before Sept. 30, 2016, may exhibit an illuminated MIL, low oil pressure warning, inoperative A/C and/or AWD fault message in the IPC (instrument panel cluster).

 Fuse F3 may be open in the battery junction box. In addition, DTCs P0034, P0245, P0480, P0481, P0645, P06A0, P06DB, P0AB7, P2602, P2681, U0284 and/or other communications DTCs may be present.

LINCOLN TSB wire chafing 01.jpgLook for chafing of the wire harness at the PTU heat shield.


  1. Connect the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) or equivalent scan tool and retrieve DTCs.
  2. If any of the above-listed DTCs are present, inspect fuse F3.
  3. If fuse F3 is open, raise the vehicle and remove the underbody shield if equipped.
  4. Visually inspect the engine wiring harness to the power transfer unit (PTU) cooling pump, near connector C1586 for contact and wire chafing with the electronic power assist steering (EPAS) PTU heat shield.
  5. If wiring fault is found, disconnect the battery.
  6. Disconnect the PTU temperature sensor.
  7. Disconnect the harness push pin retainer on the EPAS heat shield and the two push pin retainers on the PTU.
  8. Disconnect the PTU coolant pump electrical connector and the PTU coolant pump harness retainers.
  9. Position the wiring harness towards the rear of the vehicle to access the damaged wires.
  10. Repair the wire concern. The wiring harness should also be wrapped with Rotunda Technician Tool Program Coroplast wiring harness tape or equivalent.
  11. Add a new wiring harness retention clip to the harness, 20mm (13/16”) closer to the PTU from the original clip. This will move the harness away from the PTU to prevent chafing on the PTU housing. Remove and discard the original retention clip.
  12. Reconnect the PTU temperature sensor, PTU coolant pump and all retainers. Attach a new wiring harness retention clip to the lower boss retention point on the PTU.
  13. Reinstall the underbody shield.
  14. Replace the fuse F3 as required.
  15. Reconnect the battery.
LINCOLN TSB wire chafing 02.jpgRemove and discard the original retaining clip at the PTU and install a new clip 13/16” closer to the PTU.


Clip......P/N CU5Z-14A163-B

Splice kit.....P/N 3U2Z-14A088-BA

Fuse........P/N DG9Z-14526-K

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