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Gasket Assembly Can Cause BMW Leak

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BMW leak TSB01.jpg

 Incorrect installation of the gasket. Notice the raised bead facing the turbo.

If you experience an oil leak from the turbocharger return line on a 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series or 6 Series BMW, the leak may be at the exhaust turbo oil return line at the connection to the turbo.

Incorrect assembly of the “asbestos-free” gasket may be the culprit. The gasket may be flipped with the bead raised toward the turbo. The gasket should be installed with the bead raised towards the oil return line. Replace the turbocharger oil return line, the asbestos-free gasket and the 16x2mm O-ring.

BMW leak TSB02.jpgCorrect gasket orientation. The raised bead faces the oil return line (oil pipe outlet).


Oil pipe outlet: P/N 11 42 7 617 535

Asbestos-free gasket: P/N 11 42 7 577 017

O-ring: P/N 11 42 8 604 872

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