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Clean Acura Shift Buttons

There may be debris in the Reverse or Neutral shift buttons of the shift by wire (SBW) shifter assembly that’s causing them to stick. Typical debris are particles in the shift button or sticky residue from something that spilled. Check for debris. Particles can be removed with tweezers or a vacuum. 

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Cadillac Reports Vehicles May Not Obtain Park


This bulletin applies to 2016-2019 Cadillac ATS, 2016-2018 CT6, 2016-2019 CTS and 2015-2018 Escalade vehicles. Customers may comment that the vehicle will not obtain Park at times. The condition may be caused by a damaged parking pawl and/or parking pawl actuator. The transmission may have experienced a park engagement while the vehicle was in motion or the transfer case obtained a neutral status. 

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